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Couples Bridal Shower Bingo Game – Featuring Famous Couples in History!


If you are looking for a fun, couples bridal shower bingo game featuring some of the world’s most famous couples in history, then get our Great Lovers Bridal Bingo game for your bridal or wedding shower! Great Lovers Bridal Bingo is a printable bridal bingo game template that will give your guests a truly fun and entertaining time at your bridal or wedding shower. Great Lovers Bridal Bingo Game will make your bridal party even more special and memorable because your guests will also be playing a trivia bingo game about some of the most famous couples in history!


Why play the same old trite game of bridal bingo at your bridal shower party? Great Lovers Bridal Bingo is the only Bridal Bingo game that mixes love with trivia about famous couples from history, mythology and even pop culture!

Know a bit of history about England’s royals? Are you a classic movie fan who knows about Hollywood’s famous couples? Then this bridal bingo game will be a great hit at your bridal shower!


With our Great Lovers Bridal Bingo game you can learn about famous couples throughout history such as:

Odysseus & Penelope: Penelope waited for Odysseus for 20 years & resisted 108 suitors until he returned. This is one of mythology’s greatest romances!

Isidor & Ida Straus: Married for many years and rarely apart from each other, they were last seen holding hands on the deck of the Titanic. Ida refused to leave her husband and board a lifeboat with the women and children. “Where you go, I go,” she said. Who could forget that famous scene in the movie, Titanic?

Charlie & Oona Chaplin: They married in spite of a 34 year age difference.

How about Barbie and Ken?

Don’t forget Robin Hood and Maid Marion!

And many more!

Our clean Bridal Bingo game is fun, historical, and it really respects the occasion. What better bridal shower bingo game to play at your bridal or wedding shower than one featuring some of history’s most famous and romantic couples? It will truly make your bridal shower sweet and honour the occasion!


Great Lovers Bridal Bingo game is really TWO games in one:

a bingo game & a trivia game.

Bridal shower bingo games add good clean fun to your bridal shower. Most bridal and wedding shower games have been around for years. Our bridal bingo game is unique, entertaining, respectful, and celebrates great romances in history and pop culture. Why ask your bridal shower guests to play the same old trite bridal bingo game? This is a clean bridal bingo game all of your guests can enjoy!

What You’ll Get:

You’ll get Bingo Boards for up to 20 people and fast facts about each famous couple.

Just Download, Print, and start Playing!


Only $ 5.99

Here’s what you need to play:

Printed bridal bingo game and trivia fact sheet.

Pencils for all your guests to mark the bingo spots.

A bag of Hershey’s Kisses® (or small treat of your choice) for trivia prizes for players who answer a question correctly.

Bingo prizes for the winners.

“This is the first time I am leaving a bridal shower feeling smarter!”


Questions or Comments? Email me at corrin@bridalbingogame.com



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